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Fun Facts

Sweet or salty:
Sweet AND salty 

Fav food:

I can only pick one?

If she could have 1 superpower it’d be:

Invisibility - she's always loved hide-n-seek

Fav holiday:


Fav color:


Dog or Cat person:

Dogs (I have 3!)

Fav Music:



Music, watching cartoons, visiting science centers and all sorts of geeky stuff!

Brittney Shanks

Craft Hairdresser


Brittney Shanks has been a resident of Winston-Salem, North Carolina ever since she was born. While attending college, she felt the cosmic powers of the universe pulling her toward a career in the hair industry. Not one to ignore the many signs the universe kept giving her, she decided to go to beauty school instead. And she thanks her “lucky stars” she did!


A licensed cosmetologist since 2015, Brittney loves doing hair and also happens to be a curly hair specialist. Whether that’s by the power of Grayskull or because she knows a thing or two about curly hair herself, we may never know, but if you have challenges with your own curls, Brittney can hook you up!


While she loves doing all types of hair services and techniques, her favorite thing to do is cut, cut, cut! No, she’s not going to chop your hair off against your wishes—don’t worry! The thing about hair cutting that she adores so much is how the right haircut can change your look and make the best out of everything you thought you hated about your hair. She also loves creating detailed brunettes and shades of gorgeous red color.


What you may not know about Brittney is that she’s also always dreamed of being a musician and still gets up to play with her band whenever she can to rock out. Creative to the core, she loves expressing herself artistically and it shows in her work and her personality!

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