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Courtney Mercer

Craft Hairdresser


Courtney was born and raised in the Piedmont/Triad area and has lived here all her life except for a brief one-year spent in Chapel Hill, when she attended the Aveda Institute. While she’s worked behind the chair since 2014, Courtney has dreamed of being a hairstylist ever since she can remember—and we’re betting Barbie was her first client! 


Along with her passion for hair comes a passion for learning new techniques and leveling up her skills. She attended the advanced haircutting course at the Vidal Sassoon Academy in London in 2022 and makes it a point to participate in continuing education. Throughout her career, she’s taken classes with Oribe, Matrix, and Goldwell, as well as additional training from Aveda. She also takes inspiration from all the hair artists she’s worked alongside too. Rest assured that you’re in highly skilled and caring hands when you’re in Courtney’s chair!


Courtney’s favorite hair service is what she dubs as “lived in” color designed to complement the structure of a perfectly crafted haircut. Whether it’s platinum blonde, sun-kissed brunettes, redheads, and anything in between, she specializes in creating a canvas on the hair that’s soft and reflective, which brings out dimension and really showcases the movement and texture in the hair. When it comes to product, Courtney’s all about Oribe’s Dry Texturizing Spray. She adores the way it lets you build texture and create movement—and up to five days after a shampoo. Her biggest hair regret was a severely stacked bob  she got while in cosmetology school. Her favorite hairstyle is her current haircut, which is a clean lined, blunt bob that she can wear smooth and sleek or or naturally curly. What she likes best about it is the variety of looks she can have with it. In this case, the haircut is the style, rather than the cut needing to be styled all the time.


One of the biggest hair emergencies she’s come to the rescue on is when a client came in with uneven, over-processed bleached hair that she’d put on over black box dye. Needless to say, that was a challenging hair correction, but Courtney was able to bring it back to her natural color and with plenty of beautiful dimension.


If she had the opportunity to makeover a celebrity, Courtney would choose Dolly Parton. Mainly because she’d just love to meet her and it would be amazing to pamper such a queen. 

When she’s not doing hair, Courtney loves snuggling up with a good book, cooking something delicious, and traveling, especially when a hike’s involved!

Hair tips:

As far as tips, Courtney firmly believes that every client should invest in the right cocktail of products—but especially shampoo as it’s the primer for great hair! A dry shampoo for pushing out the days between shampoos is also a must, along with a heat protectant. 

Fun Facts

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Anything she hasn't tried before

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Reading, cooking, traveling, and hiking

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