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Fun Facts

Sweet or salty:
Both—especially mixed together 

Fav food:

If she could have 1 superpower it’d be:

Transmutation and energy manipulation

Fav holiday:

Fav color:


Dog or Cat person:


Fav Music:

The Smiths


Reading, cooking, family time

Heather Martinez

Craft Hairdresser


Heather was born and raised in the Tar Heel state and lived in Mocksville until 2023, when she decided to experience the “big city” life and moved to Winston Salem. Her love of the beauty industry has always run deep. In fact, she spent exactly one semester and a day at UNCC before high-tailing it out of there and enrolling in the Paul Mitchell Cosmetology & Beauty school. She only wishes she’d have done it sooner!


Her favorite hair service is highlighting, especially with blondes. She loves creating natural, “lived-in” looks. As for products, she’s a huge fan of Tes set—because volume. It’s like magic the way it makes hair so voluminous. When it comes to styling tools, she recommends everyone who wants that “blow out” look at home to invest in a high quality blow dryer or a two-inch curling iron. Or both! Who doesn’t like options?


During her days in beauty school, she saved a client from losing her beautiful locks. She had several badly matted extensions. It took six hours, but she got them out. Heather 1, Matted Extensions 0! 


Her own personal hair catastrophe was when she attempted to color her hair dark red in high school. Except it turned orange. And not in a good way. Live and learn, right? Her favorite style is a chic French bob.


Heather’s favorite hair stylist is Graham Nation, who creates the most beautiful looks. If she could give any celebrity a makeover, it’d be Jennifer Coolidge. Mainly because she’d love to meet her and she feels she’d be a great client.


As far as her top three at home hair care tips, Heather recommends sleeping with a heatless curling set for the prettiest, loose waves without heat, investing in high quality hair products because yes, they really do make a difference, and last but not least, wear a cute slicked back bun on hair wash day!


When not at the salon, Heather enjoys reading, cooking, and spending time with her family.

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