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Maddie Hicks


Maddie is our Front Desk Executive who always greets you with a ready smile and who helps keep the stylists organized and on their toes. She’s from Clemmons, North Carolina, and has lived in the Winston-Salem area for more than 20 years. While she has a background in customer service, you may not know that she’s also a licensed cosmetologist—who knows, maybe one day soon you’ll be sitting in her chair! 

If you have hair or product questions while you’re waiting on your stylist, Maddie’s more than happy to help. She has extensive knowledge of Oribe, R+Co, and Smith & Cult, and her experience as a hairstylist allows her to answer just about any hair related question you might have. 

Maddie has always had an obsession with makeup, which is what caused her to pursue a career in the beauty industry. And while she enjoys doing hair and may step back behind a chair in the future, she absolutely loves working with people and being involved in the customer service side of Alkali. 

Her favorite hair service and technique is EasiHairPro tape in extensions, which for Maddie, has been life changing. Not only are they comfortable and natural looking, but they’ve also given her the Victoria’s Secret model hair she always dreamed of, as well as a huge boost in confidence and self-esteem.

In her spare time, Maddie loves listening to Pop/Rock music and playing with her two fur babies, her cat Apollo and her dog Lilly. She also happens to be a huge fitness fanatic. She teaches group classes at the YMCA in Clemmons, and she’ll be adding Les Mills BodyFlow to her class schedule soon. So, if you want to talk beauty and fitness, Maddie’s your girl!

Fun Facts

Sweet or salty:


Fav food:

If she could have 1 superpower it’d be:

Weather manipulation—to fight global warming

Fav holiday:

If she were an animal she'd be:

A snake—As Taylor Swift once said, "only bite when someone steps on you."

Fav color:
Purple and green


Dog or Cat person:


Fav Music:



Playing with her cat Apollo and her dog Lilly, and physical fitness

Esthetician/Front Desk 

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