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Fun Facts

Sweet or salty:


Fav food:

If she could have 1 superpower it’d be:


Fav holiday:
Labor Day

Fav color:
Dark blue lately, but it depends on the day


Dog or Cat person:


Fav Music:

Anything - she loves music!


Reading, mountain hiking, live music shows

Margo Smith



Margo hails from Virginia but has moved around a lot—she even recently lived on Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts. She first lived in the Piedmont-Triad area in the 90s, but after a while, North Carolina was calling her again, so she moved back in September of 2021. Shortly thereafter, she joined the team at Alkali as an esthetician.


It wasn’t until Margo hit her early thirties that she started getting into skincare—and by getting into, we mean falling head-over-heels for it! She attended the Aveda Institute in Charlotte in 2006 and is licensed in North Carolina and Massachusetts. She’s also trained on many skincare lines, including Dr. Hauschka, Carita, Skin Sceutials, and Environ, which happen to be some of her favorites. Her top mentor is Cristin Mercer, owner of CrisWell Med Spa in Massachusetts. 


Margo’s personal favorite skincare technique is a Micro-current with TriaWave for its incredible anti-aging, toning, and firming benefits. And when it comes to professional skin care tools, Margo wished every client would invest in an Environ Gold Roller, because, well—it’s gold for the skin!


Skincare is something Margo is truly passionate about. She loves how hydrated and glowy her clients look after their service. While she’ll do anything in her power to give you gorgeous, radiant skin, you can also trust that she’ll refer you to a dermatologist if that’s what you need. Her personal worst skin experience was a result of forgoing sunscreen—needless to say, she doesn’t recommend skipping it (and of course, you should cleanse your face and don’t forget the décolleté)! Fun fact - while she doesn’t think she needs a makeover, Margo would be over the moon if she had a chance to give Cher a facial.


In her spare time, Margo likes to curl up with a good book. When she’s feeling more adventurous, she enjoys live music and going hiking in the mountains.

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