What makes Alkali different from other salons?

At Alkali Hair Studio, aren't just hair stylists, we are craft hairdressers. We focus on providing color and cuts that are unique and custom-tailored to each individual. We believe everyone should have a signature style that makes them look and feel their best.

What does it mean to have hair down to a sciene?

We could literally write a book on this! In essence, a great cut or color isn’t just about what looks good or what doesn’t, it’s about how and why a specific technique works. A skilled stylist knows how hair responds to certain conditions, such as heat and styling methods, which can greatly affect the bonds of the hair. There’s also a lot of math involved in doing hair. Cutting is centered around angles and elevation; coloring depends on the porosity of your hair, which affects vibrancy and fading. We pride ourselves on being experts in our field. Our stylists can examine your hair and determine the most flattering cut and color for your face and skin tone, as well as the best blowout and style that would work best for your specific hair type and texture.

What is your appointment and cancellation policy?

A credit card is required for reserving appointments at Alkali. Any no-shows or cancellations with less than a 24-hour notice will result in your credit card being charged the full price of your service.

Why do you store my credit card info?

To enforce our cancellation policy.

No-shows and dishonest practices.

After three no call / no shows, your appointment privileges will be revoked. You will only be able to"walk-in" and receive services upon availability. We also have zero tolerance for anyone who uses a fraudulent credit card number or an unauthorized card when booking an appointment to try to circumvent our cancellation policy. If this happens, you will immediately lose all appointment booking privileges.

Why are your cancellation policies so strict?

We don't feel they are strict. We are upfront and open about our policies. We value your time and ask that you value ours as well. Our stylists are typically booked months in advance and often have a lengthy waiting list. Our clients lead busy lives and no-shows and last-minute cancellations are difficult, if not impossible, to fill. This not only leads to a loss of income for our stylists, but a loss of opportunity for other clients as well.

What is your tipping policy?

We accept tips in cash or personal checks only.

What is your re-do policy?

We guarantee you’ll love your hair. We will correct any color or cut issue you’re unhappy with as long as it’s within 2 weeks of your original appointment.

Why can't I get a re-do after two weeks?

Simply put, hair grows and color fades. Two weeks is a generous amount of time for you to decide whether or not you’re happy with your hair. Also, we have no control over environmental issues or your home beauty routines, which can greatly affect your hair.

What if I want a re-do but do not want to use the same stylist?

We strongly encourage that you see the same stylist as they know exactly what techniques and processes were used during your visit, and would be most knowledgeable on how best to correct the issue. However, if you are uncomfortable seeing the same stylist, you may book your re-do with another stylist in the same pricing tier as your original stylist. Keep in mind that booking your re-do is subject to availability and must fall within the two-week time period for re-dos.

I got a Keratin treatment and can't remember my "at home" instructions.

No problem. Do not wet or wash your hair for 48 hours. Avoid putting your hair up and absolutely no tight rubber bands, bobby pins, or metal clips until after your first shampoo. If you get your hair wet within this 48-hour time frame, immediately dry it and flat iron it to ensure that the keratin cures. When its time to wash your hair we recommend a shampoo free of unnatural sulfates such as Oribe or R+Co to ensure that your treatment lasts as long as possible.

I got extensions and don't remember my at home instructions.

Do not wet or wash your hair for at least 48 hours. Refrain from wearing a ponytail during this time. If you must put your hair up, a top knot is best. When shampooing and styling, avoid products containing Sodium Chloride which can cause your tapes to slip. Oribe products are best for extension care. Your craft hairdresser will also provide you with a comprehensive hair care plan based on your specific hair type. Your extension hair is warrantied for 8 months, but in order to ensure they look great as long as possible, it's important to invest in a heat protectant. Avoid random oils or serums before using heat when styling, as they can cause damage to the extension hair. Don't forget to brush regularly! Trust us, your extensions are not going anywhere!

Do you provide child haircuts?

Yes, although due to the increased demand of some of our senior stylists, pricing may be the same as adult haircuts. Please check with our front desk or your stylist before booking.


Our pricing tiers are based on stylist experience and demand. All of our stylists are highly trained and continually take classes to enhance their skills and to learn new techniques. As they progress in their careers, their prices change accordingly. At Alkali we believe that every aspect of maintaining fabulous hair is important, including your budget. Our stylists are always happy to discuss budget and maintenance with you before jumping into a new look.

Stylish Hairstyle

1 part 7B + 2 parts 8NP + 1 part P
mix with 20 Volume

1 part 7B + 2 parts 8NP + 1 part P
mix with 20 Volume

We believe in transparency. We're always upfront and honest about our policies and procedures. Still have a question? Contact us and we'll be more than happy to help!

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